Photo Metal

Photo Metal

We have the capability of reproducing photographic images and text on silver or gold metal for plaques, tags or signage. Images are reproduced from color or black and white photos and will last for years. This specialty metal is weather resistant in all extreme conditions and will withstand normal wear and tear. Thickness of metal available ranges from .008" to .032". If this does not meet your requirements, we have several other options available. Overall size can range from the low end (1/2”) to the high end (15” x 22”). Let us help you bring you design ideas to life.

  • Graduation Diplomas
  • Wedding Announcements
  • Birth Certificates
  • Specialty Rulers
  • Memorial Plaques
  • Anniversary Keepsakes
  • Trail Signs
  • Company Identification Tags
  • Serial Number Tags
  • Business Cards
  • Barcoding

The photo metal meets various specifications, including:

  • GG-P-455b; Type I, Grade A or , Classes 1 &2
  • MIL-P-15024D; Type H & G
  • MIL-P-514D; Composition C
  • MIL-P-19834B; Type I or II, Style III or Iv
  • MIL-P-6906B; Para. 3.2.6, Type I or II
  • MIL-N-18307F; Type H
  • MIL-M-13231A
  • MIL-A-8625C; Type II

The aluminum is 1100 Series alloy and is available in satin and matte finishes.