Why Dye Sublimation?

From promotional items to drinkware and various types of signs and other unique articles, dye sublimation offers the opportunity to create custom products for fun and interesting purposes. Those in search of full-color images that are high resolution and that can be applied to an unlimited number of materials and products, need look no further than this unique and innovative type of process. It is special in a number of ways but especially in how the process actually takes place.

Gifts Can Now Be Adorned in Full Color Images That Are Striking

For example, with dye sublimation heat is used to create a transfer process as a way to fuse printed images onto many different types of substrates or products. This innovative approach to printing changes the entire dynamics of what is possible today. Everything from promotional items to gifts can now be adorned in full color images that are striking, well defined and colorful. With so much to offer it is clear to see why this type of unique printing process only becomes more popular with each passing day. Best of all, when you work with a trusted name in printing you will have access to this unique process.

Over Three Decades of Experience in the Colorado Area

Whether it is a coaster or a mouse pad or coffee cup, custom dye sublimation services makes anything possible. Working with a reliable name in the business, like Colorado Laser Technologies is the best way to get your message out there in a colorful and creative way. With world-class customer service and over three decades of experience in the Colorado area, this is one company that simply gets it right. Delivering fair pricing and high-quality customer care, branding or customizing just about any type of product has never been easier. Contact the company today for more information.