Learn More About Passivation After Laser Marking

Learn More About Passivation After Laser Marking

Today laser marking has become a very popular method of creating a variety of products for various industries. The good news is that something known as passivation after laser marking is a popular option that is often applied to various products once they have been professionally edged or marked. In short, passivation is a type of finishing process that is applied following laser marking as a way to reduce or fully prevent any type of unwanted corrosion. In many cases, certain chemicals like nitric or citric acid are used in order to eliminate free iron from the surface of an item that has been attached or marked, as would be the case with stainless steel.

The Process is Highly Reliable and Results Driven

The process is intended to remove contaminants that are embedded and as such, returns the item to its original corrosion specifications. The main objective is always to enhanced corrosion resistance on certain materials such as steel alloys. That said, the process cannot be expected to remove imperfections such as micro cracking, burns or oxides scaling. The good news is that the process is highly reliable and is results driven. From medical devices to components for the aerospace industry and other technology sectors, this is an excellent process that provides outstanding results.

Marking For Many Different Industries

While there are many companies throughout the region and across the country that offer this type of service, only a handful of companies truly excel in this regard. Colorado Laser is an example of a company that offers highly experienced and professional marking services for everything from plastic to stainless steel and aluminum as well as wood and a host of other unique materials. In addition, the company offers branding and marking for many different industries. Passivation after laser marking is often required in the military as well as private sector. Gun barrels, gun slides, swords, knives as well as even products made of leather benefit substantially from the process. To learn more contact Colorado Laser Marking today.