Laser Cutting Colorado Springs Industry and Manufacturing Depend Upon

Laser technology offers unique possibilities when it comes to cutting and marking a wide variety of materials in ways that were never possible before. Innovative processes that use advanced technology laser equipment allows for marking, for example that is long-lasting and impressive. The YAG and CO2 type lasers are especially useful in that they enable the technician to mark materials for customers in virtually any industry with excellent definition and great detail. In addition, laser cutting that is precise and accurate has been possible for many years and is even more high-quality now than just a few short years ago.

Marking and Cutting

The 1000w Amada laser is able to cut a vast array of substrates where thickness is simply not the limitation. In short, in today’s modern world of advanced technology lasers, thickness and material are simply not limiting when it comes to marking and cutting. Even more impressive is the fact that photo metal technology, one that involves a process where an image is sealed permanently in something known as anodized aluminum. This means that an image will not fade over time even if it is exposed to sunlight. Even in cases where there is consistent scratching or damage, photo metal laser technology is highly resilient and long-lasting.

Remarkable Results

Finally, dye sublimation type printing services enable the technician to place full-color, high-resolution images on almost any kind of material imaginable. Whether it is glass, fabric or aluminum, one thing is sure and that is that this custom process produces remarkable results. From personalized gifts to professional services for industry and manufacturing clients, one company stands out as a leader in the industry when it comes to the absolute best in laser cutting and laser marking. Colorado Laser Technologies Inc. is a go-to source for reasonably priced high-quality output in terms of laser customization projects. To learn more, contact the company today.